Welcome to future-instruments.net !

Future-instruments.net is a collaborative research network active in the field of new musical interfaces and interactive technologies. It currently includes people from various institutions in Switzerland, the Music Conservatory of Geneva (HEM-GE), the  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and several Schools of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

Future-instruments.net is a truly interdisciplinary network, where musicians and engineers are closely collaborating in order to define, develop and test what could possibly be the musical instruments of the future.

In this website you will find an introduction explaining the motivations underlying the present research, the latest news and events, a list of the people involved in the various projects, a list of publications, links to other researches and relevant resources, patches and programs that are available for download, and finally the address to contact us.

Latest news - 29 Mai 2014
Mapping Festival 2014 - 3D LED Fashion workshop - Controlling LED and sound with Kinect
Latest news - 8 Mai 2013
Mapping Festival 2013 - The Airplane and the Surface Editor controlling a giant LED structure
Latest news - 24 January 2013
BeatVox - A voice controlled drum kit - Realized in collaboration with EPFL-ECAL lab
Latest news - 19 January 2013
Christophe Calpini playing the Airplane controller @ Node festival 2013
Latest news - 2 December 2012
Solinophone @ Les Urbaines 2012 - Featuring the Surface Editor to control MIDI activated solenoids
Latest News - 6-8 April 2012

Live Connections 2012 Workshop @ Electron Festival, Geneva, around the piece 're-mapping the body' from Cie Linga (more...).

Workshop Live Connections 2012

Latest news - 14 March 2012
The video of 're-mapping the body' is out!
Latest News - 9-10 February 2012

New performance of the Swiss based dance company Linga featuring the Surface-Editor to map sensors data to MIDI events.

UPDATE (14 March 2012): See the photos of the performance.

Latest news - 1 February 2012
The video of the Live Connections 2011 Workshop is out!
Latest news - 1 June 2011
The Airplane controller at NIME 2011 in Oslo
Latest news - 24 April 2011
Live Connections Workshop - Electron Festival - Geneva
Latest News - 15 October 2010

Best Interactivity Award at the 6th World Summit on Internet and Multimedia (FIAM's website).

Latest news - 23 April 2010
The Multitouch Everywhere technology awarded at the International Inventions Exhibition of Geneva